Sunday, September 14, 2008

German fair in Püztchen

I was at a German fair in Pützchen near Bonn. It seems the whole citizenry of the state of North-Rhine Westphalia was there. It's so far the biggest congregation of Germans I've seen since for the past year I've been here.

It was like a Wednesday in Baclaran Church, where the number of vendoes is as much as the devotees who flock to the church. However, instead of stalls filled with clothes, novena pamphlets, and holy images. The sidewalks in this corner of Pützchen were filled with food stalls and game galleries to the hilt. Also, one couldn't miss the rides that could rival the space training center of NASA. Rides of various shapes and sizes twist in 360 degrees on all sides and turns. Somewhere within the vast compound, the flow of human traffic stalled from th sheer volume of the visitors. It was like a gridlock, rush hour traffic during a midnight madness Friday night sale in Makati City. All roads led to the area, where from the Autobahn cars started to line up to the reach the small town just outside of Bonn.

After a round of walking, together with my Filipino host family, we dodged the traffic on our way back home.

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